Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lizard Ridge again

This seaming is going to kill me. I'm seaming it up as I go, and thank goodness for that, because it's going to take forever! I've never done the mattress stitch before, I think I've just whip-stitched anything I've needed to seam (which isn't much, I can't think of anything recently that's needed seams). But it's tedious, and I'm having trouble getting the blanket ridges to match up and look even. But, it will be worth it since the seam looks really nice, much better than whip-stitching it. I want to go to JoAnns to check out their flannel selection, to see what I'm going to want for the back. I can either go solid, or go wild with the whole thing and choose a printed fabric. I'm leaning towards wild, I love JoAnns flannel selection.

I also need to get Christmas decorations at JoAnns, it's decorating time! I'm going out to do my Christmas shopping either Thursday or Friday, so I'll go to JoAnns then.

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