Saturday, August 11, 2007

I know, I know...

I've been really horrible about updating. I'll go hang my head in shame now. Let's get on to updates:

1. Stitch 'n' Pitch:

Awesome. Totally freaking awesome. I don't even care for baseball, but this was so much fun. It was so neat seeing all these knitters lining the seats of a chunk of the stadium, and there were some great booths selling yarn. I get my fist skein of Socks That Rock! (In the "Fire on the Mountain" colorway).

(That's my new Monkey! I've finished three out of the five leg repeats by now). The rest of the pictures are here:

2. Socks.

I've got so many socks going now. I have the second sock in my Felici Firefighter socks going. I have the second sock in some sock yarn I bought ages ago (Meilenweight? Something that sounds like that; I lost the label a long time ago) going. I have another Monkey started. I just started Pomatomas, and I kind of don't like it already. The pattern is beautiful, but the k tbl kills me, since I'm such a tight knitter. My finger tips are sore and bruised, and I just started the sock today!

Here is the first finished Felici Firefighter sock:

3. Other projects:

I'm plugging away on my shawls. The Comfort Shawl has been frogged and started over, now following the pattern exactly (the changes I tried to make just didn't look right). The Flower Petal Shawl gets worked on every now and then. The Baltic Sea Stole, while lovely, gets the least work, since it's the most complicated. I've only finished one repeat of the pattern (out of something like 12). Lizard Ridge is still on hold, it's been too warm to work on a heavy wool blanket. The weather is starting to get cooler though, so I'll have to break it out soon/

4. Ravelry Summer Camp Swap:

I got my bunkmate, and have found the perfect yarn and book for her. Now I just need to go out and find some fun goodies to inculde. It's supposed to be like packing a care gift to someone at camp, so I want some random fun things to go in. I'm also way excited to receive my package!

5. Randomness:

After being sucked into the Firefly world (long after all the other fans, as usual), I have decided I must knit a Jayne hat. Everyone and their mother has knit one, and I love them! I must make one.

6. Random finished projects:

Baby booties:

And, since I'm rereading the Harry Potter series, here is my official bookmark: