Tuesday, February 6, 2007

What I learned today

Here is what I learned today:

*My photography skills suck hardcore, even after two semesters of photography class (ok, highschool photography, both taken online, no teaching whatsoever. Gotta give myself a little credit).
*I still have no idea what all the fancy options on my new camera do.
*I can't figure out how to make my camera take smaller pictures.
*Even with anti-shake technology on said new camera, my hands are so unsteady everything comes out blurry.
*I was still too lazy to drag out my tripod for a proper FO shoot.
But here you go, one Victorian Diamond Top Sock, much blurrier in photo than in real life:

On the sock blocker (cheap metal hanger)

On my foot

Trying to get the detail to show up a little better

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