Friday, February 9, 2007

Shame on me

I promised myself I would not start a new pair of socks until I had made the match to at least one of the three lone socks I have waiting for their partners. Then I went to Renaissance Yarns, and decided to buy some Lorna's Laces. Just buy it, or course, I wouldn't knit with it until I had finished another pair of socks. But then I got it home and wanted to see what it looked like rolled into a ball. And then I cast on. Shame on me! Presenting the beginning of the Bumble Bee Socks:

And I finally finished the body of the felted bag I have been working on forever. I stuffed it in the bottom of my knitting bag after I started the flap because purling with such large needles hurt my wrists. But I finally dragged it out and finished the flap and felted it. Now I need to finish the strap and pockets.

I'm a little disappointed with how short the flap came out, but the bag itself is the perfect size for what I was shooting for.

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