Monday, February 5, 2007

No pictures today

I finished one of the Diamond socks, and it has finished blocking. I just bought a new camera, so once I get it all figured out, I'll post pictures.

I didn't make it to the Noro Tasting at Renessaince Yarns, which is unfortunate, but we took my mom out to Azteca for her birthday instead. That food is well worth missing a yarn fondling trip. I'll play with the Noro yarns next time I'm in the store. I can't knit it up there, but I may buy a skein just to play with (although, it's kind of pricy to buy one just to play; maybe I'll just grope the yarn in the store).

I am trying to find an armwarmer pattern to start. My hands are always cold while I'm waiting for the bus or in class. I want to keep my fingers free so I can use a pencil or knit or read. I'm considering Knitty's Fetching, which it seems that everyone else has tried and loved. I'll look around a little more, but I may stick with that.

I should have pictures of my sock tomorrow, and maybe one or two of my current projects.

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