Thursday, February 1, 2007

Victorian Diamond Top Sock

I have gotten a lot done on my sock for not knitting much lately. My shoulders and wrists have been bothering me (I think it's from hauling around the really heavy Anatomy and Physiology books I have this quarter when I walk to the bus stop), so I have tried to limit how much I use them. But I have been doing a little knitting (and a ton of sudoku; that is how I spend my spare time, knitting and sudoku. Nerd, why yes I am), and here is the progress on the Victorian Diamond Top Sock (it is going to need some serious blocking to open up the yarn overs):

Finished with the gusset decreases

Also, Friday through Sunday my favorite yarn shop, Renaissance Yarns, is having a Noro Yarn Tasting. The idea is to come in and play with Noro yarn to see if you like the way it knits up, how it feels, etc. I have never knit with Noro before, although I do find most of their yarns very scratchy in the skeins, but I'm going to go tomorrow to see how I like knitting with it. And all Noro yarns are 10% off if you do decide to buy some, so that's a good deal. Plus, they have some new yarns and a new sock book I want to check out.