Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a life

"Go away, this is my chair. You'll just have to knit later."

"See, I'm too pathetic to push off, right? Now scram."

"BONE!! Om nom nom."

She's got it good, I wish I could sleep and eat all day. She likes to take control of my knitting chair when I get up, and then look all sad and pathetic when I get back, so I feel guilty pushing her off. She usually puts up with getting down long enough for me to sit down, then she'll jump back up and cram herself between me and the arm of the chair.


Jules said...

Ack! I have one just like that. He does the same thing no matter if it's a chair, the couch or the bed. As soon as I get up for something he gets cozy in my spot! Pugs!

kimkim said...

Pugs are very good at looking pathetic and making you feel guilty!