Friday, August 29, 2008


So, I made myself promise that I would not start a new project until I finished at least one of my shawls. I have two that are close, my Clap and my plain Jane rectangle. Both are very near completion. So I figured it wouldn't be too difficult to hold off knitting anything else until then. And yet, what did I do today? Cast on for a blanket. A BLANKET. Not a small little simple project, a big horking blanket. It is a lap blanket though, it's not like it's going to be huge, but still. I have no will power.

So far, I have knit 18 repeats of the straight section of the Clap, out of the 20 I think I'm planning on doing. I honestly have no idea how the pattern as written (with 13 repeats) produces something long enough to become a shawl. But whatever tickles your pickle.

I have made progress since this picture, but it's pretty close:

And this is an older picture of my rectangular shawl, I've made a ton of progress since then:
It's about 5 feet right now. I really only work on this during my lunch hour at work, but I'm chugging away.

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