Monday, July 2, 2007


I have finished the cuff, heel, and one out of six repeats before the toe of my second Monkey sock. I will actually have another pair, instead of a million singles laying around. Speaking of, I made myself a little wall hanging to constantly remind me which socks need a mate.

I can still think of one other sock that needs to be up there as soon as I find it. The first three socks are in the process of having mates knit. I'm not very far along on the Harry Potter sock or Tofutsies, but the Monkey is getting there.

Then I cleaned out a bookshelf for yarn storage. It has to share with my Bath and Body Works stuff, and my DVDs, but it will do.

And randomness since I just bought a new dog for my collection (actually it's a bulldog, but it can pretend and hide among the pugs). She's hiding in the bee costume.

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