Friday, July 6, 2007

The dreaded black hole

So I've been knitting and knitting and knitting, and you would think that with all that knitting, I'd have some progress to show, right? Wrong. Nothing looks any bigger! I do almost have one full repeat of the Baltic Sea Stole done (loving it!), but I still have 12 to go. I've gotten some rows in on the Flower Petal Shawl, but it's still to tiny to even resemble a shawl. The comfort shawl is just a few rows in, and I think I've already screwed up, since I've been trying to fudge parts of the pattern to make it look the way I want it to. The Monkey socks are coming along, I'm partway through the foot of the second sock. I almost have a pair! Maybe having a new pair will motivate me to finish one of the many singles I have left. I decided to frog the Lorna's Laces Bumblebee sock, the yarn looks crappy in a ribbed leg. I think it would look pretty in plain old stockinette, or maybe a simple YO lace pattern. The $1.50 cardigan I posted about a while back is long gone, with the yarn pushed off onto my mom. I guess the pattern made me tense and annoyed, because my gauge was so tight it was nearly impossible to work with. I will most likely end up with a new wrap on the needles soon, because I just bought the Wrap Style book, and have found a few patterns I want to try. I really do need to get one of my current ones done before that though.

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