Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sock Woes

I tried to like the Lion Bran Magic Stripes sock (the traveling sock), I really did. But I just can't. That is the itchiest, scratchiest, nastiest sock yarn I've ever used. Maybe if I had used bigger needles it wouldn't feel as bad. I'm not even bothering with the second sock, I know I'll never wear them. I'll just keep it as a traveling souvenier.

In other news, I'm trying to find a sock pattern to use with my Knitpicks memories sock yarn in Redwood Forest, which, unlike previously mentioned yarn, is soft and wonderful and beautful and all around gorgeous. I need to buy a whole big bundle of size 1 needles so I can do all my socks at once. I have the second traveling sock on the needles (Cascade Sassy Stripes, in Harry Potter colors!), then I want to cast on with the Knitpicks yarn, and I want to try the Tofuties. This is why I only ever finish one sock per pair, there are just too many different sock yarns to try!


Claudia said...

I'm using some Knitpicks Memories to combine the Super-Algebraic Sock Pattern (google that phrase) with the rib pattern (shamelessly filched) from this sock:
The yarrow rib is varied enough to keep me interested, but not so complicated as to take over from the colors in the yarn. You may want to give it (or something like it) a whirl.

Shannon said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I like the Grumperina sock pattern, but ribbing drives me bonkers if I have to do it too long. One or two inches at the top of the sock is pretty much my limit, then I get all twitchy and annoyed.

VaxGirl said...

Magic Stripes softens up considerably once it goes through the wash. I do use a larger needle for it, say a size 2 instead of a 1 or 0. I got a bunch of it on clearance a couple years ago, and they're some of my favorite wearing-around-the-house socks.

Shannon said...

That's a relieft to hear, I'll have to toss the sock into the wash next time I do a load of laundry and see if it softens up a bit. I love the way it looks, it just feels pretty bad. If I end up making the second one, I'll use a size bigger needle. They won't match up all the way, but who cares? The color pattern is random enough that it won't make a huge difference.