Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chocolate cupcake cones

These were the first cupcakes I made this weekend, the cupcake cones from Cupcakes: From the Cake Mix Doctor. They were made with a butter-recipe chocolate cake mix, and topped with homemade chocolate buttercream frosting (also from the Cake Doctor book). I made half a batch of cones, and half a batch of regular cupcakes, because I ran out of cones!

All nekkid and awaiting their frosting.

Oooh, ahhhh. There were more cones, but they didn't turn out as pretty. This was my first try at piping frosting, so some came out a little wonky.

Om nom nom. I love the little fall leaves sprinkles too.

Then I had the plain old cupcakes too:

Ooh, it looks poo. Great.

Overall, the cake part itself was great, and the frosting was fantastic! The cone parts were pretty ick though. Very stale and chewy.

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