Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More ugh

That bout of illness lasted an unbelievably long time. I'm still feeling a little wonky but I'm doing better. I'll hopefully get a lot of knitting time in this weekend, I want to finish my sock. Speaking of socks, my favorite LYS Renaissance Yarns has the Noro sock yarn! I thought I'd have to resort to buying it online, without even being able to touch and look at it. I'm going to try to go by this weekend to get some. I want to go by the Lamb's Ear Farm too, they have a pretty good sock yarn collection. I have this uncontrollable urge to buy sock yarn right now, I'll just have to appease it by buying some!

My other projects have gotten a little work. I did a few rows on my green Elann Flower Petal Shawl, and a few rows into one of the squares for an afghan. I need to get Lizard Ridge up and going again.

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Jessica said...

Hi Shannon. Thanks for stopping by Seadra and Zoe's Blog. Nice to meet you. My name is Jessica and I live in Michigan with my family and our two dogs. Your pugs are adorable. I remember seeing that bumble bee pug on pug-a-day.

You are really talented with your knitting. I looked back on some of your older posts. I am really impressed. I loved that hedgehog!! I have always wanted to learn how to knit. In fact, I took a class at our local yarn shop but I only went to two classes because I just was too busy. Maybe someday I will learn.

I'll visit again.
Jessica (Seadra and Zoe too)