Sunday, March 11, 2007

Embroidery and sewing!

I know I haven't updated enough recently, but I don't seem to be getting far on any of my knitting projects. I've gotten quite a bit of Daisy's sweater done, and I finished the heel and am now on the leg of my bumble bee sock, but they don't look as good when I take pictures of them in-progress. I will certainly put up pictures when they are finished though! I've also been sucked in to sewing and embroidery, as if I needed another crafting addiction.

A pillowcase, my first sewing project. I love this fabric so much! I have some more like it, but in blue with hamburgers and fries and the like, instead of candy, that I am going to make another pillowcase out of.
This is just a sampler thing on a tea towel. I wanted to get the hang of doing embroidery before I tried to do a 'real' project.


Quail Hill Knits said...

Hello Shannon. I hope that you enjoy your foray into sewing and embroidery. There is much you can do with it in knitting. I have been combining sewing, embroidery and knitting for years. I posted one of my projects that uses all three plus beading on my blog at in the March 3, 2007 post. Good luck. Kathleen

Anonymous said...

I picked up embroidery for the first time recently and did it on a tea towel too! Good Luck!