Saturday, February 17, 2007

Noro pt. 2

I'm in love. I have been knitting less than one day with Noro, and I'm addicted. I've been searching around for a pattern that will show off the yarn, but not be something I have to wear against my skin (as gorgeous as that yarn is, it is so scratchy). I've decided on Lizard Ridge from Knitty:

(picture is from the Knitty website)

I want to do each square in a different colorway of Kureyon, to end up with a patchwork type blanket like above. I figure if I buy one or two skeins each time I get paid, the price won't seem so overwhelming (the yarn all together will cost around $190-$200).


Meredith said...

Hey there! I wound up on your blog through the Purling Puppies webring and have enjoyed reading about your knitting. I love the Lizard Ridge but don't think I quite have the patience to take it on. I'm afraid I'd get all of the square knit and then never get them sewn together. Good luck!

Shannon said...

That's one thing I'm so worried about with this blanket! I started a fish blanket a long time ago (a bunch of little knit fish sewn together into a blanket) and got a few done and sewn together, and completely lost interest. It's still sitting around my closet somewhere.

Tanya said...

I love this afghan, too! But am scared off by the cumulative cost and the risk of never finishing. Though you seem to have a very good strategy to overcome that. One other thing scares me: washing it. I guess one would have to dryclean?

You've made a beautiful start and I look forward to seeing your squares accumulate!

(I found you through purling puppies, too.) (, in case it doesn't show up)